Ethan is a third year urban studies and planning major with a minor in climate change studies. He is passionate about utilizing architecture and urban design to address contemporary issues, and enjoys sketching, hiking, and reading.



Katie is a third-year Global Health major and General Biology minor. She is interested in pursuing a LLB and how law is intertwined with climate change and sustainability. She enjoys art, traveling, and La Croix.


Jessica Kamman


Jessica is a second-year Visual Arts - Studio major and a Climate Change Studies minor. She is interested in a career in visual development and hopes to use her art to influence people to help the environment. She enjoys reading, painting, and learning about sustainability.



Hello! My name is Kida and I am a sophomore at the University of California San Diego. I am an anthropology major specializing in Climate Change with hopes for photography and human rights minors. I currently have leadership positions in various organizations on campus, including but not limited to, being the Event Director for Seventh College. I enjoy roller-skating and tennis in my free time, as well as videogames, watching and understanding animation, photography, exploring nature, and thinking of ways I will change the system nationally and globally to make the world a better place.


WRITER & Newsletter director

Anastassia Roberts is a first-year student at UCSD and is studying both Literature/Writing and Marine Biology. Her favorite animals are sea lions, whales, and dolphins. She has a background in journalism with the Palisadian-Post and also loves to creatively write poems and short stories.

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Marc is a third-year political science - international relations major with a minor in ethnic studies. He is an aspiring lawyer interested in the sociopolitical challenges and impacts of climate change. He likes dogs, hiking, and yerba mate.



Hello, I’m Leorah Gavidor. I work at the Birch Aquarium and I am also a freelance writer here in San Diego. When I’m not writing or chasing stories (which is most of my free time!), I enjoy hiking with my husband in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park or staying home and cooking a nice pot of soup.


Artist & Writer

Anusha is a first-year Global Health major who has an interest in the effects of climate change and environmental justice. She enjoys painting, baking, and embroidery.

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Phoebe Skok is a first-year at UCSD studying Linguistics and Environmental Studies. When not writing for the Climate Change Review or researching sustainability, Phoebe can be found testing new vegan recipes, amassing a large plant collection, writing poems, or jumping into cold water.


Alexander Gershunov

Faculty Researcher

Researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Climate, Atmospheric Science & Physical Oceanography



Eleanor is a third-year General Biology major. She is interested in pursuing a career in environmental conservation law and research. She likes dogs, trying new baking recipes, and traveling.

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Kyra Black

Outreach Director & artist

Kyra is a second-year Marine Biology major with a minor in Environmental Systems.  She is interested in sustainability research and is passionate about the conservation of marine ecosystems. She loves hiking, matcha, everything Star Wars, and taking care of her plants.


Artist & Writer

Sophia is a first-year Global Health major interested in environmental studies and how that relates to one’s health. During her free time she enjoys drawing, hiking, and reading.



Faith Kaufman is a first-year student studying Environmental Systems-Environmental Policy who is passionate about agriculture and herbalism. She is interested in sustainability and having a zero waste California. She enjoys meditation, yoga, and reading philosophical books.